Rolling Round: Part 3 – Falling in love with Czech

We always like border crossings like the one into Czech. There are no hassle or queues, although that’s not why we like it. What we like is the sudden change in the architecture, the people and the road signs. You know you’re in a different country straight away and it gives you that real travelling … Continue reading Rolling Round: Part 3 – Falling in love with Czech


Is a tandem for you?

“I’m not sure we can ride this thing” I exclaimed! This was the third attempt at take-off on our borrowed tandem. It was summer and we were providing ample amusement for our neighbours and people passing by. 5 miles later and the status had reduced to: mildly terrifying. It felt like I was piloting a … Continue reading Is a tandem for you?

You need to try ‘Boris Biking’

Boris Johnson hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory of late. I did used to think that the ‘bumbling fool’ act was hiding something more clever; now I’m not so sure. Love him or hate him, Boris did bring one touch of genius to London in his time as Major: Boris Bikes. They were supposed to … Continue reading You need to try ‘Boris Biking’

Choosing a bike touring tent

We aren’t new to the world of bicycle touring. Indeed, we’ve done many multiple day bike tours on the mountain bikes; including the UK Coast to Coast (C2C) I’m now reliably informed that what we’ve been doing is ‘credit card touring’, where we take just a change of clothes and pay for accommodation on the … Continue reading Choosing a bike touring tent