Rolling Round: Part 4 – Our love and break up letter to Romania

We are really behind with our posts, and need to catchup from the past few weeks about countries in-between Czech and Romania.  Rolling Round: Part 5 will explain why!  Now onto our experiences in Romania while they are fresh! We are sitting outside a bar in central Romania. The roads have no tarmac here and occasionally … Continue reading Rolling Round: Part 4 – Our love and break up letter to Romania

Is a tandem for you?

“I’m not sure we can ride this thing” I exclaimed! This was the third attempt at take-off on our borrowed tandem. It was summer and we were providing ample amusement for our neighbours and people passing by. 5 miles later and the status had reduced to: mildly terrifying. It felt like I was piloting a … Continue reading Is a tandem for you?

You need to try ‘Boris Biking’

Boris Johnson hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory of late. I did used to think that the ‘bumbling fool’ act was hiding something more clever; now I’m not so sure. Love him or hate him, Boris did bring one touch of genius to London in his time as Major: Boris Bikes. They were supposed to … Continue reading You need to try ‘Boris Biking’

Choosing a bike touring tent

We aren’t new to the world of bicycle touring. Indeed, we’ve done many multiple day bike tours on the mountain bikes; including the UK Coast to Coast (C2C) I’m now reliably informed that what we’ve been doing is ‘credit card touring’, where we take just a change of clothes and pay for accommodation on the … Continue reading Choosing a bike touring tent